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School Profile

  Zunyi county was founded in 1956, has 60 years of history, is one of the most famous in Guizhou Province, one of the five provincial demonstration high school, Peking University, Tsinghua University, and more than 20 Chinese famous University of quality students base, is the first Xiaoping science and technology innovation laboratory project in Guizhou province. In 2007, the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China, the Ministry of personnel awarded the "advanced collective of national education system". In 2014, the State Sports General Administration as "national sports traditional project school", in 2015 was awarded the "national mental health education characteristic school".

  60 years of school, the first middle school of Zunyi county has been adhering to the "Ming De Shouzheng, Hirotake erudite" motto, seriously implement the "German heavy weight, high and good" educational philosophy, and promote students' quality education, to promote all-round development of students, the painstaking efforts of several generations of a, cultivate a good ethos and the teaching and learning, exam, has accumulated rich cultural heritage, the formation of distinctive characteristics -- Study of music education, the wind is blue. Schools by the majority of students and parents of all, by the world as "the Pearl of Guizhou education", "the cradle of College students".
  School 60 years ago, the first middle school of Zunyi county has always been to "people's education" as the tenet, "a leading city, province class, famous, famous international high school" as the goal, to inherit and carry forward the "Li Zhi endeavour, the pursuit of excellence" of the spirit, earnestly take "students for this, Chinese botanist" historical mission, conscientiously implement the party and the country's education policy, constantly update the concept of education, continuous innovation mode, continuously explore education and teaching methods, and constantly improve the quality of education and teaching, conveying a large number of outstanding students China for colleges and Universities, making contribution to the socialist construction and China characteristics the development of local economy.
  Since 1984, has trained 8 people in the province of science and science college entrance exam, 151 students enrolled in Peking University, Tsinghua University, more than 2.5 students enrolled in the national colleges and universities.
  School covers an area of 27 hectares, beautiful campus environment, advanced facilities, strong teachers. The existing 104 classes, 5987 students; 392 staffs, including 350 full-time teachers.
  Students extracurricular activities rich and colorful, there are 42 students' community organizations, including student track and field, basketball, football team, student management Orchestra, many times on behalf of the province, city and county to participate in the first class sports art competitions and won awards.