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Mao Zhaoliang, vice president of the school

2015-12-17 14:05:43
Name: Mao Zhaoliang

Position: Vice President
Title: Senior Middle School Teachers
In charge of work: Administrative teaching and research
Office phone: 0851-27250876
July 1990 graduated from the Guizhou Normal University Department of mathematics, August 1990 assigned to Zunyi County, the first high school in 1999; in September 2001, the Chinese Communist Party, in 2002 as the middle school senior teachers, September --2001 year April 1999, Zunyi County, Zunyi County, the first secondary school moral education department, August --2008 year in November --2004 Zunyi County, the first high school dean, November 2008 has served as deputy head of Zunyi county.
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