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The Party branch secretary Comrade Zhang Chengquan.

2015-12-17 14:11:46
Name: Zhang Chengquan

Position: principal party secretary
Title: Senior Middle School Teachers
Job: to work in the school.
Office phone: 0851-27256558
Resume: July 1988 graduated from the Physics Department of Guizhou Normal University in August of the same year, assigned to the first middle school of Zunyi County in June 2000 to join the Communist Party work so far; China; since September 1995 has served as head of the physics research, senior team leader, deputy director of the academic Department, deputy director, director of the academic research department, vice president and other positions; from November 2008 to November 2014 served as vice president the first middle school of Zunyi county Party Secretary and teaching; December 2014 has served as Zunyi County, the first secondary school principals, Party secretary.
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