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students are forbidden to bring mobiles phones into campus

2016-12-23 15:19:36
A letter to parents “students are forbidden to bring mobiles phones into campus”
Respected parents;
Good morning
With the development of society, each family has mobile phones or small smart phones. But the authority department found out that the phones have bad effect on students’ normal study and life, which as follows;
 Students are in the growth age, their bodily functions unimpaired, the radiation is harmful to students’ development. With low quality mobile phones, it must have bad effect on their health, which caused their understanding, reaction, memory fall obviously. What’s more, their hearing would be damaged, and their immune system would be disordered.  
   Students cheat in the exam by using mobile phones. It caused serious effect and had a bad influence on evaluation. Some students even play tricks on teachers and classmates ,which has a bad effect on forming good character.
  Mobile-network, QQ, net games ,e-books and junk messages poison teenagers.
Students hide in the quilt to send and receive messages, look at novels and play games, they sleep late. The mobile phones not only became entertainment but also disturb others to have a rest. What’s worse,  in this way it may reduce their study efficiency. Students who live in the dorm also contact with off-campus people after they went to bed, it takes long time to fall asleep.
The phones ring in class, listen to music, send and receive messages, all of these behaviors are not only disturb teaching order and affect themselves but also disrespect the teachers.
Lacking of sense of self-protection, students’ mobile phones attract those riff-raff. Students who have mobile phones is easy to attract riff-raff and form the danger of security.
Some students take pictures secretly for fun, some invaded students’privacy, causing contradiction between classmates.
 Phones fee, which increased parents’ economy burden, students know news not fit for teenagers through phones, and this also increase parents’ psychological burden.
Compare their phone’s level after class and this encourage students compete with others to see who is superior.
   Teenagers became more social by using mobile phones often, which went against their growth. Mobile phones became a tool let school-boys and school-girls connect often influenced their study.
Teenagers are in a period when they need to pay more attention to their study. School never insists on encouraging teenagers to seek luxury and bringing mobile phones or smart phones. Considering students can connect with parents, we require that class teachers announce their office numbers or phone numbers( if meet emergency, parents can connect with class teachers straight),if students have something emergency, they can use public phone or card phone.
In order to ensure students have a health growth, strengthen school management and education ,we announce: no mobile phones or smart phones with students into school(including classroom, dormitory, public places). If anyone disobey rules, once found ,their phones should hand in to school or class teacher to keep it, and ask parents to come to school sign names ,of course ,we’ll give them some punishment according to their case.
Please understand and support our measures. If you have some advice about this , you can write it on receipt and ask your child to bring back give class teacher. Thank you.
Nanbai High School in Zunyi county
5th  March 2016
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